Election to the Student Parliament (StuPa)

The Student Parlament is the main university body that represents student interests. This parliament elects the Students Union Executive Committee (Allgemeinen Studierendenausschuss, AStA), which discusses and decides on its political guidelines and has control over the student body budget. Votes for the StuPa election can be sent through a mail-in ballot until 12/31/2020 and will continue in an in-person ballot form from 11-15/1/2021. If you would like to vote in person, please go to one of the ballot boxes in the university buildings, and please don’t forget to bring your student ID.

Election to the Academic Senate (AS)

The Academic Senate (AS) is the highest body of the University political system. It is involved in the election of the university presidium, discussion of all fundamental university development issues and has official decision-making rights (e.g., regarding examination regulations, distribution of funds, university development, etc.). The AS is composed of 10 professors, 3 students, 3 research associates and 3 members of the technical, administrative and library staff. The student representatives are elected annually, all others are elected every other year.

Voting for the AS is done through mail-in ballot. All of the necessary documents required to vote, including a postage paid envelope, will be sent to you by the university. If you have not received these documents, or you have received incorrect documents, by January 29, 2021, you may pick them up at the University Elections Office (at Mittelweg 177, room S 4058) until February 15, 2021 at 1:30 pm.

Completed election documents must be received by the Elections Office, whether sent by prepaid mail or brought in person, no later than 2 p.m. Feb. 15, 2021. The Elections Office is located at Mittelweg 177, room S 4058.