Come all to the election of the student parliament!!!!

For internationalism, social progress and equal rights for all!!!!

Until January 14, 2022 at 4:30 p.m.

In the foyer of the WiWi Bunker (Von-Melle-Park 5, Campus).

In front of the entrance you can also get information about the elections from our activists at the info table!

Leaflet with more information

Kommt alle zur Wahl des Studierendenparlaments!!!!

Für Internationalismus, sozialen Fortschritt und gleiche Rechte für Alle!!!!

Noch bis zum 14. Januar 2022 um 16:30 Uhr

Im Foyer des WiWi-Bunkers (Von-Melle-Park 5, Campus).

Vor dem Eingang könnt Ihr Euch auch am Info-Tisch bei unseren Aktivist:innen über die Wahlen informieren!


Election to the Student Parliament (StuPa)

The Student Parliament is the main body representing student interests. This parliament elects the General Students‘ Committee (AStA), discusses and decides on its political guidelines and disposes of the student body’s budget. The mail-in election concluded. The ballot election takes place from 10-14/1/2022. On the main campus and at some more places. To vote at the ballot box, please go to one of the ballot boxes in the university buildings with your student ID.

Election to the Academic Senate (AS)

The Academic Senate (AS) is the highest body of the University. It participates in the election of the university presidium, discusses fundamental questions of university development and has decision-making rights (regarding examination regulations, distribution of funds, development of the university, etc.). The AS is composed of 10 professors, 3 students, 3 research assistants and 3 members of the technical, administrative and library staff. The election is a postal vote. The election documents including a postage paid envelope have been sent to you by the university. If you have not received your ballot or have received an incorrect ballot by January 07, 2022, you may have it delivered to the University Elections Office by January 24, 1:30 pm. Completed election documents must be received by the Elections Office no later than 2 p.m. on January 24. They can either be mailed postage paid or delivered in person to the Elections Office. The office is located at Mittelweg 177, room S 4058.