Am Samstag 06. 06. 20 um 15.00 Uhr findet Demonstration: „Enough is Enough“ auf dem Rathausplatz statt.

FB-Veranstaltung: https://www.facebook.com/events/263602411421510/

We shout out once again: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to the malicious murders of black people, such as Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd by racist police officers or racist civilians in America! We condemn the racist police brutality that takes the lives of black people in Latin America which are often not made visible. Like Marielle Franco in Brazil and Edilson Arboleda in Colombia… the latter killed by the local police on May 20th.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to the racist killings of our Sisters and Brothers such as Oury Jalloh, Achidi John, Yaya Jabbi, Christy Schwundeck, Tonou Mbobda here in Germany and Europe alike!


Beyond those visible killings, there is a structural genocide going on in the Mediterranean Sea where our Sisters and Brothers are to die at the Western borders of Fortress Europe if not imprisoned, raped, tortured, enslaved, or exterminated in Libyan prison and camps. The oppression of black people, POC, migrants, and Refugees in Germany and in other places of Europe, the United States, and all other places where a Colonial system ensures the oppression of our people. Today and always we want to call out how our brothers and sisters considered illegalized migrants are exposed to harsh violence coming from the institutions of the supposable guardians of democracy and peace.


Also right here in Germany mass detention centers / Reception Camps must be shut down – not only in times of Corona!
People must have Human Rights and Dignity in every country of their choice! We extend a warm and welcoming invitation to all black brothers and sisters.

(This is our final warning to stop racism once and for ALL!)

Regardless of your religion, sexuality, or skin color, we welcome anyone who wants to take a stand with us and we call on all our people to come and mourn with us!