Dear international students!

Here at the Office for International Students (RiS), we represent all University of Hamburg students without a German passport or with a migration background.

The Corona crisis has casts a harsh light on the world. For one, it has exacerbated already existing inequalities. In our specific case, campus closures and other policies have made it even more difficult than usual for international students to participate in education. Around the world, the NGO „Oxfam“ has called the Corona virus the “inequality-virus” because it causes the most harm globally where poverty is greatest. Poverty has increased and at the same time the wealth of the ten richest men in the world has grown by about 1.4 trillion US dollars during this crisis so far.

Over 80% of the vaccine produced has been administered exclusively in the rich countries, and the UN initiative for a global vaccination program („Covax“) has received only as much vaccine as the richest countries have paid for. To date, no patent release has been obtained against the pharmaceutical industry for a globally equitable vaccination campaign.

The literal imprisonment of so many populations, in so many countries around the world, due to official Corona policies has been directed against „movement“ from below. Regardless of these attempts, movements for a better life are growing almost everywhere. Many of us want to study to contribute to a just and peaceful world. And many of us are here because we cannot or are not allowed to study in our countries of origin.

That is why it is all the more important to have international solidarity, global cooperation in the sciences, and to enforce the right to health and education for all.

RiS is active in all of these areas by organizing as well as participating in campaigns, seminars and events. We invite you to join us. Get informed and ‚follow‘ us on social media:

Here are some of our (immediate) demands:

1) Open dining halls, libraries and workplaces at the university! Allow language courses and counseling in a protected environment!

Total closure of the University undermines solidarity, education and is detremental to language skills achieved before the lockdown. It creates loneliness. You can take action against the University closure here:

2) Open BAföG (state study financing) for all!

The emergency Corona funding offered by the government is not enough. Education is a right! Petition:

3) All Uni Hamburg students stuck abroad must get a visa immediately! Because: #EducationIsNotTourism

4) The government should refund the cost of the semester tickets to all students who have not been able to enter the country, or take classes because of the pandemic! The semester ticket should support students, not be a burden!

5) Stop discrimination against international students!

The current residency laws, a limit of 10 years in the country while completing a University degree (including language courses and Studienkolleg), must be abolished! The obligation to find an „appropriate“ job within 18 months after graduation or leave the country must end!

6) The requirement of 10,300€ as proof of financial stability, to meet the conditions for a student visa or residence permit must be lifted! At least it should be made exempt for the duration of the pandemic and until two years afterwards.


How are you doing? What have your experiences been during the pandemic? What are your concerns?

Write to us at:


To the digital assembly for international students (without German passport and/or with Migration background)

– Please register by e-mail at:

Your questions, experiences and suggestions are important to us! We would like to get into a dialogue with you!

Please join us on:

Thursday, May 13, 2021 at 2 pm via Zoom:

Questions and statements in English are welcome.


If you have problems with residency documents, social or university related concerns, please contact us:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Your department for international students (RiS)


Picture: SDS-Versammlung, 1969. SDS/APO 68 Hamburg. Jahre der Revolte – Informationen und Diskussion zu 1968 und heute.