Dear fellow students! Welcome!

Hamburg is a port city where people from over 180 countries live and study. 14% of the university’s students come from abroad. This sort of openness to the world is however not without its contradictions and conflicts. As it true in every capitalist country in the world, great inequality and discrimination exist here. These have been exacerbated by the pandemic and government measures taken during this time. It is also to be noted however, that cultural openness, initiatives brought about through solidarity and social commitment are also widespread here. Many Hamburgers from all over the world are active in human rights campaigns and peace initiatives- which students always take part too.

Accodingly, our university has made the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) of the United Nations a point of reference for research, teaching and education. Nontheless, it remains controversial as to how to interpret the SGDs, and the level to which these goals should be made practically relevant in the content of the research being done. In addition, there is a lack of state funding for science and education, and the social foundations and working conditions for students and teachers are inadequate. We are committed to contributing to better studying and living conditions here, to promoting understanding between cultures and societies, and to developing ourselves in a spirit of solidarity.

As the Department for International Students (RiS) in the AStA, we fight for:

  • Courses to be taught in person as well as an opening of the university’s cultural elements. For student support in (re-)entry into regular student life, so that university education and science can be filled with a new spirit aimed at global responsibility- education is a human right!
  • A critical understanding in science and education: To overcome competition, racism, (post-) colonial structures and prejudices – a world without need, fear and violence is necessary!
  • Research and education for civil purposes only – Stop arms research and -exports in Hamburg!
  • Financing of university and studies from public funds should be in line with their needs an end to austerity!!
  • More democracy and participation in universities – and in all areas of society!
  • A culture of solidarity on campus, in the student union and in the Studienkolleg – everyone can get involved!

We fight against discrimination and for equal rights for all, for example:

  • For BAföG as financial aid and security for all! For more and better dormitory spots!
  • For the abolition of the „proof of financing“ (10.236 €) currently required to grant visas!
  • For the abolition of the 10-year student residence limit!
  • To overcome international students/graduates discrimination in the job market!

Discuss with one another! Learn from each other! Become active in solidarity- from demonstrations to festivals!

No one has to be alone!

The Department for International Students (RiS) at the University of Hamburg offers office hours for consultation:

If you have questions about admission, residence, language courses, financing, discrimination and/or any other problems, please come by. Even if you don’t know exactly what your questions are. We are not a bureaucratic entity or government office, but students who want to support you.

Our office hours usually take place in person, but meetings over the phone or by video conference can be arranged. Please write us an e-mail regardless, to tell us of your need:

Wednesdays from 16:30-18:30 and Thursdays from 12 to 14 are in person. You can also try to reach us by phone during those times at +49 (0) 40 450 204 36.

Tuesdays from 10 to 12 o’clock we have the option of consulatations by video/phone. Send us an e-mail and you will receive a link with an invitation to a Jitsi session (or Zoom).

The RiS team also meets every other Wednesday, starting at 7 pm (room 0042 at the AStA of the University of Hamburg). If you are interested, please come by! Location: WiWi Building/ „AStA-Trakt“ (Von- Melle-Park 5)- Room 0042.

Information about RiS as pdf file :