Zan – Zendegi – Azadi | Jin – Jiyan – Azadi

Das Kollektiv women*lifefreedomhamburg organisiert eine Demonstration. Wir rufen alle auf, sich zu beteiligen.

The collective women*lifefreedomhamburg is organising a demonstration. We call on everyone to participate.

After seven weeks of resistance against the regime and of fighting for liberty in streets of Iran, the unprecedented unity and solidarity of the people has turned into a massive flood that has startled the oppressors‘ foundation.

People protest daily all over the country and workers in oil, aluminium and the steel industry have been on strike alongside numerous retailers, teachers, university students and professors, all uniting against a dictatorship, which has oppressed the people in all aspects of life for 43 years.

The regime’s frantic answer is massive repression and a historical continuity of harming and killing opponetns – arresting thoausands and killing hundreds, amongst them even children.

The Woman* Life Freedom Collektiv Hamburg invites all of you to join us and show our solidarity with the revolutionary people of Iran who stand up all across the country and to manifest our opposition against this fascist regime and it’s extrreme brutality.

We call on Iranians in the diaspora, activists and everyone who believes in freedom and equality to join us in Hamburg on Saturday 12th Nov. at 2 pm to attend the demonstration (at Station „Sternschanze“).

We rise up for our brave siblings in Iran, raise our fists and chant: „Jin Jiyan Azadi! Zan Zendegi Azadi! Frau Leben Freiheit! Woman Life Freedom!“